A nice day out in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a fun day out outdoors? During the holidays you can sometimes choose to go to the Netherlands, for example. It is nice and close and easy to travel. You can easily go there yourself by plane or car. In the Netherlands there is something for everyone. Do you want to know what you can do in the Netherlands? Then read on.

For the real artist

Are you someone who is very creative and loves art? Then the Moco Museum is for you. The moco museum is a museum that is located in Amsterdam and focuses on modern and street art. There are also well-known artists in the moco museum. For example, in the moco museum you can find works of art by Mark Rothko. Mark Rothko was a well-known American painter. A number of artworks by Mark Rothko can be found in the moco museum in Amsterdam. For example, in the moco museum there is the black blue painting by Mark Rothko. In addition to the black blue painting, there are several beautiful Mark Rothko paintings to be found in the moco museum Amsterdam.

The real musical lover

Are you really into the musicals? Then the AFAS circus theater in Scheveningen is really something for you to visit. Many different magical musicals are played here, such as The Lion King or Aladdin. The AFAS circus theater is located close to the Pier in Scheveningen. So you can first enjoy a day at the beach and in the evening go to a nice musical. There is all sorts of things going on. For both young and old. They are also often well-known stories that you know. Can’t you play the Netherlands yet? No worries. In most Dutch theaters they have a box for foreigners or guests who do not have a good command of the Dutch language, so that they can follow the exact musical by means of the translated text without the story not running parallel with the scenes that be played.

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One more mile to go

If you are a real walker, there is a beautiful nature reserve in Drenthe for you where you can walk. Besides walking you can also visit the dolmens that are scattered in this area. The dolmens are a piece of history that have been well preserved. in addition to being historically beautiful, the nature reserve is also very beautiful. You can enjoy yourself here for hours by walking. This way you can also be sporty during the holiday.